Green Roads’ Personal Laura Baldwin Fuentes Named Top Medical Expert of Southern Florida

Green Roads’ Personal Laura Baldwin Fuentes Named Top Medical Expert of Southern Florida

Green Roads is about building a grouped community where success may be sharedwith every user, therefore if one of us is winning, we all have been winning (including you!). That’s why we have been proud to share with you some exciting news: Our co-founder Laura Baldwin Fuentes is showcased into the October edition of Boca Life Magazine, a regional mag having a reputation as a prestigious authority for fashion, occasions, culture, training, health insurance and more.

Laura Baldwin Fuentes

Laura happens to be named among the top medical professionals of South Florida because of the magazine which will be a honor that is tremendous fills the entire Green Roads household with great pride. She’s probably the most recognized pharmacists in the CBD industry, therefore it’s no surprise this woman is obtaining the attention she deserves.

A south Florida native and graduate from Nova Southeastern University, cbd oilrating site Laura has over 25 years of expertise in the industry that is pharmaceutical had been one the reasons that are main Roads co-founder Arby Barroso approached her if the business was starting. She’s now totally specialized in the industry of holistic medication and has now been dealing with cannabidiol for longer than 5 years.

Her vast experience, unparalleled work ethic, and long-time dedication to assisting individuals have played a crucial role in Green roadways’ success. She’s involved with every action of this formula procedure making her accountable for all Green Roads products such as for instance our best-selling natural oils, CBD edibles, and terpenes. To put it simply, without Laura, there is no Green roadways.

Laura happens to be President of Green Roads and it is mostly of the certified ingredient pharmacists into the CBD industry. This woman is an authority that is well-respected In the industry; and as evidence of her expertise and experience, she presently has various pending trademark formulations under her belt.

With Laura as president, Green Roads has accomplished tremendous degrees of success. The business ended up being detailed as one of the top 10 brands that are CBD the nation by Forbes in 2017 and has been showcased in magazines including Yahoo, Cosmopolitan, ESPN, CBS, NBC, BuzzFeed, and from now onThis. Furthermore, our items are presently suggested by over 1,000 health care providers consequently they are carried much more than 10,000 location such as for instance wellness grocery stores, pharmacies, and spas.

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